Discounted Rate



NOW thru December 31st, 2017


You can take full advantage of this discounted rate in one of three ways:

1.  Schedule your 60 Minute Session(s) any time during this time period. There is no limit on how many times you can visit, so you are encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity!


2. Purchase a Prepaid Session Card. You can pre-purchase from 1 to 10 sessions,   to use ANY time you choose over the next weeks, months and year ahead. No expiration.

3. Gift Certificates are always available and make wonderful gifts to people in your life, not just at the holidays but at anytime throughout the year! 

Price reduction opportunities like this one, will be offered  throughout the upcoming year ahead. I want everyone to have a chance to try it for yourself, and see how truly restorative a session of Mindful Presence Reiki can be in your life. Letting others know about your experience and sharing this discounted rate information with friends, colleagues, loved ones, etc is helpful to not only you, but to them as well!   Please note this discounted rate is not to be combined with any other offer or discount. Thank you!




Mindful Presence Reiki

Integrated into each and every Reiki session is a deep intentionality for your personal path to healing and thoughts of loving kindness. It is my deepest hope that no matter what your individual challenges might be for your emotional or physical well being…..Mindful Presence Reiki is here for you!

Reiki, pronounced RAY-key, is a non-manipulative, relaxation and self-healing technique. It is based upon the principle that your own natural healing processes can be directed, by means of the Reiki practitioners’ light hand placement on specific areas of the body. This light touch helps to facilitate the body’s “relaxation response” to help enhance your physical and emotional well-being. Healing happens from within us all, and Mindful Presence Reiki can indeed help to activate this self-healing process!

Mindful Presence Reiki can be especially self healing and calming for processing or working with grief, loss, trauma, mild to moderate anxiety, mild to moderate depression, short term physical or chronic pain, recovery from alcohol or substance use disorders, recovery from in patient and out patient surgery, pre-surgical jitters or anxiety, chronic illness, tension, stress, lack of focus/direction, and seasonal blues.

Many people also use Reiki along side their traditional medical care. As a matter of fact, I was first introduced to it in a Breast Cancer Support group I was a member of after my mastectomy many years ago. Today, Reiki is widely offered at many major hospitals as a way to help patients relax, feel more at ease and provide a greater sense of well being. Some of those hospitals are Brigham and Women’s, Mass General, Dana Farber,  and at Southern NH Hospital. 

Mindful Presence Reiki is all about connection and helping you to feel more at ease, as opposed to feeling “dis-ease” in the world. There is a restorative quality here that can help you to feel much more balanced and focused. 

Please visit the Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) or Services page to learn more! I tried to make the FAQ page as detailed as possible, answering questions I myself would like to know if it were me making the choice. 

You can schedule appointments directly by accessing the appointment scheduler link on the Contact/Hours or the FAQ pages. I have day, evening and Saturday appointment times available.  

If you are not convinced after your session that Mindful Presence Reiki was helpful,  I would be happy to refund your entire fee charged. This is my way of letting you know I stand behind what I do as a Mindful Presence Reiki professional.  



One to One Mindfulness Coaching

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn all the many ways you can bring mindfulness and meditation into your daily life with private, one to one instruction and coaching. Mindfulness can assist you in feeling more focused, calm and present to yourself, family, coworkers, colleagues, students, and more!  Our time together will utilize skills typically taught in a traditional MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. This outstanding program set the “gold standard” in mindfulness training worldwide and it all started at The University of Massachusetts Medical School by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. I received my training there and have since led numerous classes, with deep intention and integrity. Now, let me introduce these same skills to you!


StressLESS Mindfulness Meditation on BC-TV Channel 16

I produce a mindfulness program on Bedford Television called StressLess Mindfulness Meditation. This program is my way of providing meditation classes to those who are unable to attend local classes due to limited mobility or physical limitations. Helping others to find opportunities to learn and practice meditation is of highest importance to me!


Programs are available on my You Tube Channel 24 hours a day!


Last but not least:

I also have another home page on the MEETUP website called:
Bedford NH Meditation.

You can easily sign up to receive automatic updates on all mindfulness and meditation classes I teach simply by joining my growing 800 plus member group here: