Grief, Loss, Trauma and Mindful Presence Reiki

All of us have heard the expression “life is a process” or “grief is process” and indeed it is, especially for those among us who have  experienced some form of grief, loss or perhaps even some form of trauma. It seems to be part of “this being human” aspect of life that can both bring us to our knees and lift us up in profound and moving ways.  However,  becoming embroiled in the midst of all this pain and suffering can indeed feel overwhelming to even the most hale and hardy of us at times.

It is, at times like these, an especially healing process to work with someone who is trained in the mind/body connection process.

All of us store much our personal emotional history within our bodies. Learning to explore into these places with Mindful Presence Reiki, along with a bit of gently guided meditation can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself, feel more in control and better able to withstand the ebb and flow of human emotion.

It is a process. Leaning into those places that need your tenderness with awareness, kindness and love is indeed so healing. I am reminded of the Leonard Cohen quote “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.” We often say things like “our hearts feel broken” in times of deep pain, and indeed they do! But knowing too, that through this break, the light can begin to shine in, allowing us to heal ourselves, is so comforting a thought!

Trusting yourself to know what you need, when you need it, is the first step in your wellness process. For many, that means first, working through your emotional pain with a professional trained in trauma therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, especially if the pain, grief, loss or trauma is impacting your ability to feel good about yourself or causing you to feel depressed and withdrawn from life. There is simply no substitute for trained professional help designed to alleviate your degree of emotional distress.

Letting Mindful Presence Reiki and One to One Mindfulness Coaching be one of the many “tools” in your personal healing toolkit along the way to health and well-being,  especially when used in conjunction with the many wonderful, more traditional therapeutic modalities, can be comforting. Being in place of readiness for mindfulness work is so important and I may need to ask for a referral from your therapist/doctor prior to the start of our work together or may ask that you seek out  professional help if you have not done so already.






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