Mindful Presence Reiki website launches!


Are you looking for a top qualified Reiki service provider in the Bedford, NH area? Look no further. My name is Cecilia Howard, RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) and my new website has launched introducing you all to Mindful Presence Reiki!.

I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher who has a personal interest in connecting to people in ways that help them to learn how to navigate the ups and downs of life in a more resilient manner.

Please take the time to read through this Mindful Presence Reiki site that is full of pertinent information about me, my services and what Mindful Presence Reiki is all about. I believe in authenticity and transparency in all things, and have a deep abiding sense of professional integrity. Hopefully you feel that too when taking a look through the website!

Contact me with ANY and ALL questions pertaining to Reiki or mindfulness. I LOVE talking about what I do and I want to you have complete comfort in choosing someone that is closely aligned to your ideals and values.

I am, as of the launch of this website, 54 years old....soon to be 55! There is much I have learned in this "brief" time on earth....that all life is connected, that what one person says or does greatly impacts the other and that in this 24/7/365 world we live in it is wonderful to make time to do what feels right to calm the mind, relax the body and
settle into the world, as it is and as you are!

Please contact me anytime!!! And I look forward to our session time or mindfulness practice together!

Warm regards,
Cecilia Howard

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