REIKI: A Relaxing Oasis in the Midst of a BUSY Work Week!

Research tells us that taking time for ourselves, away from the routine of every day life is so important to body, mind and spirit. In fact,  many companies have started to incorporate breaks into the work day for employees that allow time for some chair massage, meditation and naps. Yes! You heard right: naps!

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation, states “While naps do not necessarily make up for inadequate or poor quality nighttime sleep, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance.” Short, restful naps, help to recharge our batteries and give a boost to our energy for the day.

Mindful Presence Reiki was specifically designed by me to enhance your ability to feel more rested, at ease and energized in your life.  In fact, a typical 60 minute Mindful Presence Reiki session allows for 15 to 20 minutes of guided meditation to settle you in gently with mindfulness. After that, its your choice as to wether or not you stay awake, aware, and at ease or drift off to sleep for some much needed rest in the midst of the 24/7/365 lives we all live.

The session room is calm and peaceful and free of clutter. It has a restful and relaxing feeling. The Reiki treatment table is heavily padded, lined in thick, soft fleece and covered in scent-free, organically washed linens and blankets. The blankets are buttery soft and warm. You have two sizes of both knee bolsters and head pillows to choose from to add to you comfort. Instrumental music can be softly played in the back ground or you can choose to have the room be silent.

A wonderful addition to your complete relaxation, is your selection from a variety of high quality essential oils that can be mixed, blended, or left as a stand alone scent and diffused gently throughout the session. Scent is indeed so personal, and can help us to relax more deeply feeling refreshed and renewed! You can always choose to have your session be scent free as well… fact the room is devoid of scents unless the diffuser is turned on and essential oil added.

So……if you need break in the midst of YOUR work week, and could use some time to recharge your spirits, feel more uplifted, time to shut of the cell phone, and let your body unwind, PLEASE try Mindful Presence Reiki and discover for yourself what so many others have before you:    It works!


PLEASE NOTE:  I do not sell any essential oils or diffusers, but am happy to help you find some reputable sellers of organic essential oils or companies that are very careful, maintaining high standards in the production of their essential oils. I cannot tell you how many people have tried to sell me on “therapeutic grade” oils. In most cases this is simply a marketing term used to lure you into purchasing overpriced products.  All essential oils are not created equal and if its being used in my Mindful Presence Reiki Treatment Room, it passes my tough standards as I use them at home as well.

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