Mindful Presence Reiki and Mindfulness/Meditation Reviews

Cecilia’s new space is comfortable and relaxing. I have had two Reiki sessions now and highly recommend it for stress relief. Cecilia is amazing at what she does! She explains everything and answers any questions you may have. She truly wants to help you find calm and peace in your every day life.        Diane

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Cecilia put me at ease immediately in what was already a very pleasant setting. I found the experience relaxing and peaceful. Surprisingly, it was also enlightening! I highly encourage going to see Cecilia for Reiki.    Ami

Mindful Presence Reiki was an overall calming and peaceful experience. Cecilia’s warm personality and her attention to every detail is second to none! I was definitely in good hands. If you are looking to experience a feeling of deep relaxation, then Mindful Presence Reiki is the place for you!   Christine  

Cecilia is a thoughtful, insightful mindfulness group leader and instructor. Her dedication to helping others learn how to practice meditation is inspiring. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a natural, simple way to understand what it means to practice mindfulness and how to apply it in every day life to reach out to Cecilia today!         Jeremy

I took a mindful meditation course with Cecilia Howard and it’s one of the best classes I have taken to care for myself. She is very patient, caring and passionate in her work and the class was non-intimidating and inviting. I learned different ways to meditate without judging the process. I would definitely take another class with Cecilia.         Kim

I’ve been to several meditation workshops with Cecilia. She is an excellent instructor. Her passion and knowledge about mindfulness practices shows! She offers a variety of styles to fit the individual. I always feel refreshed and balanced when I leave her class.                       Andrea

Beginning my meditation journey with Cecilia has provided me an amazing foundation, and has consistently supported me for four+ years! She is warm, welcoming, and always ready to give everything she has to make sure you have all the information you need. She explains everything you could feel and encounter on your meditative journey. I took her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with her and another meditation teacher, a year apart. I enjoyed her thorough approach, keeping true to the original program. While staying in beginner’s mind as much as possible, her human tendencies keep her so relatable. I am truly honored to know Cecilia.            Beckie