Option ONE

Virtual At Home Online Energy Healing Session

Session time is 45 minutes, however plan on about an hour, start to finish,  for us to greet one another and for me to provide feedback at the conclusion. Each session includes 10 minutes of gently guided meditation to help quiet the mind and relax the body before we start the more targeted energy healing portion of the session. After you book a session on my online scheduler you will receive an automatic confirmation as well as a personal email from me that includes tips and suggestions on how to receive the greatest benefit from the session time together.  This eamil will also include the link and password to our private zoom Session which you can access on your smartphone or computer. If you prefer Face Time just let me know....we can work out the details and connect easily!

Session Fee is a Sliding Scale between $20 to $50







Option THREE

Online Meditation Instruction for Beginners

Private meditation instruction for beginners or those who are newer to the practice via ZOOM.

The first session is an overview of mindfulness and introduction to several methods of meditation and runs a bit longer time wise at about 75 minutes The cost is $40. Each subsequent session is 60 minutes and costs $30 . You will receive a handout via email after each class with notes and/or resources for you to refer to as needed. After the conclusion of your 3rd session, I can offer you two recordings of my guided meditations that can be purchased for $5 each and sent to you via DropBox for you to download and use on your own, anytime!

I can also provide the "private" class to two people at a time, for those that want to bring along a friend, spouse or coworker. The cost is $70 for the first session and $50 for each additional session.

I suggest at least two to three sessions to get a better overview and more time to practice. But the choice is up to you. I like to initially be there to instruct and guide you, but the goal is to have you practicing on your own after a few sessions.



Next Steps...

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